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Delicious = Unsustainable?

Often it seems so...

Our founders thought differently. With the help of some amazing people they set out on the mission to make deliciousness sustainable.

Meet the founders

Friends since a hike in the mountains of Gruyère, Switzerland, land of the famous  "double crème de Gruyère" and its eponymous cheese.

Driven by their curiosity about the amazing ways to use nature as a way to create resources.

United by their vision of a more sustainable and kinder food system.


Tomas Turner
Co-Founder - CEO

Dimitri Zogg
Co-Founder - CTO


Our Culture

Common Growth 
Shared growth is our overarching goal. We want to grow as a company and develop as individuals at the same time.


Cultivated is a collective of experts. Each expert has their own area of responsibility. Instead of top-down management, we practice holacracy.

We are convinced that flexible working hours and hybrid work are the future. Furthermore, we create this workplace together. Ideas and visions are always welcome.


Mental and physical health is essential for common growth. Therefore we strive to create a workplace that is a safe space. Open and kind feedback is essential to us. 


Cultivated Biosciences
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